October 2017

PMC President, Paul Paese, is the invited speaker this month at Webster University’s Global Leadership Academy. The goal of the GLA is to develop and enhance the leadership skills of faculty and staff at Webster University. Paul has spoken in past GLAs at Webster, and he is delighted to be invited back this year. His topic this year is Learning-Centered Leadership.

September 2017

Congratulations to Allyson Pegues, at Edward Jones, on completing the PMC certification process for coaching case groups. Case groups are a key feature of “Candor with Respect,” a professional development workshop created and led by Paul Paese (of PMC) and offered on a regular basis to general partners, home office leaders, field leaders, and associates at Edward Jones. Allyson is based in the  St. Louis home office and will work primarily with field leaders. Paul is extremely pleased to welcome Allyson to the Candor with Respect coaching team, as she brings outstanding aptitude and skill to the coaching role.

August 2017

This month Paul Paese, of PMC, is the invited colloquium speaker at the Clinical Research Training Center (CRTC) at Washington University’s School of Medicine. The CRTS’s colloquium series is designed to help young medical professionals improve their leadership, teamwork, and management skills. Paul will speak on “Conflict Management 101,” particularly as it applies to leaders and teams in medical settings.

July 2017

The editors of the American Journal of Business have re-appointed PMC President, Paul Paese, to their editorial advisory board. AJB focuses on how research-based theories and models support management practices, and offers practical advice on a wide range of business and management problems. The journal’s audience is the wider business community, including both practitioners and academic scholars. The role of the advisory board is to provide strategic guidance on the content and direction of the Journal. As a professor-turned-consultant, Paul sees this role as fitting perfectly with his background and expertise, and he is happy to continue serving on the board.

June 2017

This month PMC President, Paul Paese, will be installed as Vice President of the Rotary Club of Kirkwood, Missouri for the 2017-18 year. The Kirkwood Rotary Club has a strong membership of approximately 80 professionals and business owners, and is active in both local and international service. After serving as Vice President, Paul will serve as club President in 2018-19.

May 2017

PMC is proud to contribute to executive education at Olin Business School at Washington University. In addition to teaching various “custom” courses for Olin clients, Paul Paese also teaches two full-day, open enrollment seminars each year. The first of these, Coaching Workshop, will be held on September 13. The second, Maximizing Team Effectiveness, is on October 4. Both will be held at the Charles F. Knight Center from 8:30am-4:30pm. For a description of the remaining open enrollment sessions offered at Olin this year, see the program finder.