June-September 2020

BLMThese words from William P. Johnson, Dean of the Law School at Saint Louis University, exactly capture our sentiments at PMC:

“By now it should be clear that the story of racial injustice in America is not a story of a few bad apples; racial injustice in America is a horror story that began to be written 400 years ago. It is a horror story that includes the enslavement of Black bodies, a civil war fought to preserve the right to enslave Black bodies, the lynching by angry, racist mobs of thousands of Black bodies, Jim Crow laws and legally enforced segregation, Dred Scott, Plessy v. Ferguson, redlining, mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline. For too long, white America has simply taken for granted aspirational notions of equality and of justice for all, while not paying heed to the Black voices that have been trying to tell us all along about the brutal reality of the Black experience in America.”

As white Americans, we at PMC commit to listening better, learning more from Black Americans, and amplifying their voices. We commit to taking action, each in our own way, to contribute to the urgent need for societal change.

May 2020

WUatBrook2For the past several weeks Paul Paese, of PMC, has been working on converting to online delivery one of the executive courses he teaches at the Brookings Institution. Thanks to the innovative partnership between Brookings and Olin Business School at Washington University, Paul has had the amazing good fortune of working under the tutelage of Ray Irving, Director of Olin’s Center for Digital Education. The CDE got a big shout-out this month, and deservedly so, from business school Dean, Mark Taylor, in the Olin blog. The course Paul and Ray are converting, Strategies for Conflict Resolution, is coming together nicely and will officially launch in the Brookings Executive Fellowship program early this month.