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July 2023

Back at the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) this month, again to teach a 2-day course on Conflict Resolution. Really enjoy working with the esteemed leaders at NHHC, so looking forward to this one!

June 2023

WashU at Brookings, a collaboration of Olin Business School and the Brookings Institution, offers premier executive education for government and business leaders. Paul Paese, of PMC, has been a part of this collaboration for many years. The Brookings Institution and Washington University share a common benefactor and visionary in Robert S. Brookings. WashU at Brookings delivers on Robert Brookings’ desire to “teach the art of handling problems rather than simply impart accumulated knowledge.” This month Paul is teaching the open enrollment course, Leading High-Performance Teams. This 2-day course gives leaders practical tools for garnering buy-in, improving collaboration, and getting results in workplace teams. WashU at Brookings offers a wide range of executive education courses. In addition to the teams course, Paul also teaches Resolving and Transforming Workplace Conflict for WashU at Brookings.

May 2023

Contrary to what many people believe, conflict is not inherently a bad thing that needs to be minimized or removed. Conflict, rather, can be a tremendous source of creativity and productive output, but it has to be managed well. Managing conflict productively requires know-how and skills that, for many leaders, are lacking or underdeveloped. Hence the 4-week digital course, Resolving and Transforming Workplace Conflict, offered this month by Olin Business School and taught by PMC’s Paul Paese. Through a mix of synchronous discussion and asynchronous learning activities, this course shows first hand that our outcomes in conflict situations depend critically on HOW we engage inevitable disagreements, both small and large. Participants in this course are given tools for resolving unproductive conflicts, while also learning how to transform day-to-day tensions and disagreements into productive action.

April 2023

Ever since the “Agile Manifesto” for software development was published about 20 years ago, Agile teams have been growing exponentially in number. At the risk of oversimplifying, Agile is an iterative approach to software development in which developers work collaboratively in small teams and deliver measurable work products in short time frames; in so doing, Agile teams are able to adapt and respond quickly to always-evolving client needs. Documented successes naturally led to the spread of Agile principles from IT to other organizational divisions. Recently, however, an article in Forbes declared “The End of Agile,” due to its scope of application having far outgrown the contexts for which Agile methodology is well-suited. But not so fast! As argued powerfully by veteran software developers Douglas Squirrel and Jeffrey Fredrick in their recent book, Agile Conversations, most failures of Agile are traceable not to the methodology itself, but rather to the inability and/or unwillingness of its participants to regularly engage in the challenging conversations necessitated by the Agile framework. At PMC, we’re not at all surprised by this conclusion. As our teacher Chris Argyris pointed out decades ago, promising workplace initiatives will continue to turn into “passing management fads” as long as people avoid the hard conversations that will help them truly learn from each other. For more on the why and how of difficult conversations in Agile teams, we highly recommend Squirrel and Fredrick’s excellent book.

March 2023


This month, the National Security Agency has retained WashU at Brookings to provide instruction on conflict resolution to executives at NSA. WashU at Brookings brings together two premier institutions to deliver on Robert S. Brookings’ desire to “teach the art of handling problems rather than simply impart accumulated knowledge” to those in and engaged with government. The goal of this partnership is to support the men and women who serve our country with cutting-edge leadership courses, either at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC, onsite at the requesting agency, or virtually. The instructor retained for this course is Paul Paese, of PMC. Paul will be teaching”Strategies for Conflict Resolution.” Paul’s continued work with the distinguished executives at NSA continues to be an honor and a joy.

February 2023

Paul Paese, of PMC, is delighted to be teaching in the Women’s Leadership Forum at Olin Business School this month. Paul’s topic is Critical Conversations, and he happens to be the only male faculty member teaching in this program. Truly an honor!